Member’s Information


In order to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all members and visitors to the Shed, each new member will need to undertake a ‘New Member Induction’. Members will be first asked to:

An interview will then be conducted following this Induction Check List  :-

  • To confirm details given on the ‘Membership Application Form’
  • To answer questions relating to their
    • Work experience
    • Mental acuity and physical capacity.
    • Willingness to assist by sharing their specific expertise eg. appropriate trade, computing, accounting, admin skills with other members.
  • They will be asked to read and accept the following Policies and Procedures*:-

* These are available on-line or in hard copy at the shed. Please ask for help in finding them This information will be recorded on the forms as detailed below:- (SIMS-NMI-103.1).

  1. Induction Check List 
  2. New Members Induction Package SIMS-NMI-103  Includes New Member Induction Package Assessment Form (F.SIMS-NMI-103.1)
  3. Machine Competency Procedure: SIMS-MC-154 Includes Machine Training Form (F.SIMS-MC-154)

Note the complete 101 page The Men’s Shed Health & Safety Manual on which our Documents are based can be accessed by clicking the link.

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Member’s Policies and Procedures

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